Gold Price = $1806.28/oz

1 DGLD = 0.09880392 Troy oz = $178.47 USD

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How much DGLD will be sent for you?

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You will receive DGLD 1:1 to your total dollar balance. For example, for $1000 in BTC, you will receive an additional $1000 in DGLD

Setting up your wallet is a 3 step process that takes about 10 minutes to complete.

To begin, please follow these steps in order:

  1. Register a wallet on and buy cryptocurrency
  2. Save the QR-code from the wallet and attach it to this form
    1. In your wallet, open the settings and select the first item from the list
    2. On the page that opens, click "Show pairing code"
    3. Save the resulting image to your device
    4. Fill in all the fields on our website
    5. Attach the previously saved qr-code and click "Verify"
  3. We will instantly send your DGLDs to your wallet

Please note that all fields are required.